Use this online PNR enquiry tool to check PNR Status of any train tickets booked with IRCTC / Indian Railways.

Simply enter the 10-digit PNR number and click Check PNR Status.

About IRCTC PNR Status

PNR is the abbreviation for Passenger Name Record. A PNR is a ten digit unique number that identifies a particular record in the Computer Reservation System (CRS) which is a database in the railway industry. By means of the PNR, one can identify the itinerary of the person or the group of people travelling with this PNR. Using this unique number, a passenger can check the PNR status of the ticket if he or she is waiting for the confirmation of the travel.

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How to Check Indian Railway PNR Status?

Checking PNR Status using website is very simple, all you have to do is to enter the PNR number and click Check PNR Status. Within seconds, the website will display the current status of your ticket. You can also do the PNR enquiry on your mobile via SMS.

Click below to learn more about tracking PNR status through SMS.

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Knowing Status Codes

IRCTC provides the current status of your ticket booking in short codes. So after checking the PNR status, it is very important to know the current status and what it means. For eg. If the current status of your booking is CNF, it means your ticket is confirmed.

Below is the list of all status codes and their full form.

Status Codes
  • RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation
  • WL : Waiting List Number
  • CNF / Confirmed : Confirmed
  • CAN / MOD : Cancelled or Modified Passenger
  • GNWL : General Wait List
  • RLWL : Remote Location Wait List
  • PQWL : Pooled Quota Wait List
  • REGRET/WL : No More Booking Permitted
  • R# : RAC Coach Number Berth Number
  • RELEASED : Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided