How To Check PNR Status

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Let's Dive Deep Into PNR status

PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record" which is issued by Indian Railways (IRCTC) to every person who holds a reservation ticket. However, PNR number is not issued to each passenger; It is issued to every ticket. Now what does that mean? Well, Suppose you have two tickets (Reserevation tickets of IRCTC not local ones) each with 5 passengers. In that case you will be issued two PNR numbers for each ticket and not 10 PNR numbers for each passenger. When you use our tool to Check PNR Status , you get informartion about current status of all the passengers listed in the ticket.

Locating Your PNR Number

"Where can I find my PNR number?" If that's the questions you are asking yourself then you must know that, it is pretty easy to find your PNR number no matter wether you booked your Railway reservation ticket online from IRCTC Website or offline from a Railway booking counter (generally at Railway stations).

PNR number of every Railway ticket is generally located at the top section of the tickets booked offline, and for tickets booked online you get a SMS along with your PNR number at the time of ticket booking. Below is a screenshot of a booking history from My IRCTC account which can give us our PNR number information and as it can be seen.

PNR number location

we can alos check our PNR status from our booking history on the IRCTC website using the "Get PNR Status" button as seen in the screenshot. However it requires you you login to get to the "Booking history" section of your IRCTC account therefore we recommend that you bookmark for quick and easy PNR status checking.

Finally, using the tool

Located your PNR number, right? Now its time to use our tool. But, Why to use this webiste while there are alot of other options available out there. Well, we proudly would like to indroduce you to some of the key features of our PNR status checker tool.

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With our browser extension and android app you will soon be free from visiting any webite to check your PNR status.

Understanding the result

To understans the status or result of your PNR is as easy as to using the tool. Yet, I would like to take some time out to explain the result format for you. Let's have a look at a sample result generated by your status checker tool. You get two ta tables as result , We'll explain both one by one.

Table 1

pnr result table 1

What you see above is one of the tables you get in your result after using our tool. This table contains information about your journey, like train name, train number, date of journey, station of boarding and to what station your seat is reserved.

Table 2

pnr status

Table 2 contains exactly what you were looking for and it sometimes gives you happy news about confirmation of your Railway ticket, sometimes does not. Basically, this table give you a list of passengers that are listed in the ticket and current status of their reservation.

That's all! Good luck, hope all of you get a confirmation message in your next pnr enquiry from your website, app or extension ;)

How to check
PNR status

Indian railways is a fun way to travel. but, its no more fun when you are stuck with a waiting ticket that you badly want to be confirmed as soon as possible! How do you know if it is confirmed? You check your PNR status. Read more to know about our upcoming PNR status check extension.

how to check pnr status

Want more easy way to check PNR status?

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